Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creativity - where does it come from?

Someday I'll do a lot of research on creativity, and share with you the results. For now, this post is just about me and my musings.

I doubt seriously that creativity is in our genes, because I'm the only creative person in my family. They used to say "we don't know where she came from." In other families, it's considered a gift. In mine – I was just weird.I have creativity in droves.

Anyway, one thing I've come to realize lately is that I'm especially creative when I'm happy. If everything is good and well balanced, you can bet I'm painting, making jewelry, writing, making music, or trying to do all of them at once.

You can also get creative by listening to good music, like Bach, Beethoven or Mozart. For some reason these composers wrote music that has the effect of making you really think. You think deeply, as you must any time you're going to create something. Plus, by actually listening to the music you're calming your mind and probably your body as well. The added relaxation is another good benefit for inducing creativity.

I keep a notebook with me all the time, and jot down ideas or make sketches, no matter where I am. you never know when you might see or hear something you want to save for later.

If I'm feeling stuck, I might pull up Google images and glance at some pictures of flowers or something else that I like. Or sometimes I just read through other blogs that I follow, most of which are craft, jewelry or writing related. Usually by the time I've done, I've got an idea of what I want to make next – even though it might have nothing to do with what I was looking at. It's like my brain simmers an idea on one side while I'm reading with the other.

So that's how I draw in my creativity; how do you do it?


  1. so true, I am my most creative when I am at my happiest, most energetic place. I also love pinterest to catalog all the "projects" I plan to do! Found you on Etsy blog team:)

  2. Lots of things inspire me. It seems that I am always working on my next project in my head while working on the project at hand. That is why I keep a journal. Otherwise I forget what I wanted to work on next.

  3. You sound so similar to me as far as your creativity. I too am more creative when things are going well and I'm in a happier mood. I also like to look at pictures to get ideas and inspiration.

    But I think I got my creative gene from my grandmother. She used to work at a shop called the Party Palette Shop and it was the craft store of the 60's. It's all they had back then. They sold styrofoam balls, sequins, paper flowers, beads, ribbon, etc.. Nothing like today's craft supplies. But I do remember sitting at a card table in her living room with all her scraps and my sister and I would create for hours!

    Did you think I'd write you a book?

  4. Sher - What a great story! You need to share that 'book'! lol

  5. What a great post!
    I was just asked in an interview yesterday what my definition of creativity is. :)
    I, too, keep a small notebook with me at all times.

    So glad I found your blog through the Etsy Blog Team! I am your newest follower! ♥
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!
    Mary C. Nasser