Monday, August 27, 2012

Using blogger, pictures, and iPad

Wow what a lot of trouble I went thru last week trying to upload a picture of my work via the iPad. First I worked in blogger, but I guess it is flash-based because it seemed I couldn't click the buttons (SAVE, PUBLISH, PREVIEW). So off to Google the various apps that work with it. It seemed to be between blogsy and blogpress, according to CNET, until I found a 3rd or 4th page post recommending Pages. At $9.99, it's twice the price (and I despise paying much for apps) but OK. I thought I had picked a good app, but decided to go ahead through the picture process before actually purchasing Pages. I was doing just one short post on one blog, after all. I had to write out my own html (remember, I couldn't click the link or photo button). Then it informed me I couldn't upload a picture from my library. Back to Google to try to find an app that also would help me get the pics up. So now I have decided to buy 2 apps: Pages ($9.99) and flickstackr ($1.99). I installed flickstackr with no problem and easily created an accounted & uploaded a picture. Flickstackr is destined to be a favorite. Then I went back to the app store to try Pages. No good; it said I don't have the right operating system. Apparently, my first-run iPad has become obsolete already. Sigh. You know, I really was hoping to hang onto it til it fell apart; I didn't want it controlled by obsolete OS. For now, I'll just blog from the desktop. Please leave a comment if you've had similar problems.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Celtic Knot Doodle Challenge

I drew this doodle art for a challenge at Creative Doodling. I just got back from the mountains, so I wanted to incorporate some outdoor color... A little became a lot... Enjoy!