Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craft Show Display

Thought you might like to see the photos from our show. It was not very successful (read: abysmal failure). BUT the 3 of us who did the table together came away feeling as if it was a great learning experience. There weren't that many visitors -- it had been moved from the original location, plus there was another big craft show nearby that day. We don't have control over any of that. We *might* have done better in the main room, rather than a side room... no control over that either.
Also we'd been told our booth was 10X10, so that's what we planned for. Ros and Ken brought the tables, Mickey and I brought the cloths, step shelf, and wire "walls". Mickey had even drawn a layout in some fancy computer program. So we get there, and the space is 9X12. Yikes! Our tables won't fit! We figured it out though, and the sponsors even made tables and chairs available to everyone. All in all it was great fun. There were 43 vendors all total.
Roslyn with her jewelry

This table is mostly mine, with Ken's wooden items on the left end.

A customer checks out our glass cases


OK I'm not so photogenic.

Some of my multi-strand necklaces - $20 for 10 strands.

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