Monday, September 12, 2011

Beaded Bead, Part 3

I finally got away from tile pendants (which are awfully fun) and ATCs (which are awfully addictive) and got back to beading. For this one, I purchased a pattern from JewelryTales at Artfire. The directions were blessedly clear, something I especially appreciate as I've been trying to follow so many bad ones lately!

Somewhere near the end of the bead, I panicked. It seemed that the last few rounds, which should outline the 4 pearls, were not going to outline them at all. I contacted the designer, who was very willing to help but didn't really understand the problem. Haha.

So I quit on it for awhile. Then I picked it up and looked one day, and said what if...... I just add in another bead or 2 in the bare spots, around the circle? So I tried it. Hooray! I'm so glad I did. The last two rounds, the ones that frame the pearls, make the whole bead tighter. It makes you able to see the crystals that are woven into the sides. I'm really excited with this one; it's the closest thing yet to a beaded bead that can take center stage. I've already started on the necklace it's going to hang on.......stay tuned.......

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