Sunday, July 3, 2011

Handmade Beadweaving Bracelet Chunky

This is my most recent beadwoven bracelet. I made it with about 6 sizes of seed beads in 10 or 11 different colors, then I added in gemstones. The main ones are aquamarine tumbled nuggets. There are 3 of those. Also there are czech glass "crackle" beads, which are done by cooling the glass rapidly to make it crack on the inside. And there are about 40 blue faceted crystals.

Let's see. The bead with a silver cap on it is magnesite, and there are some pearls that are smaller. I also included some clear glass beads, just to add to the icy feel of the bracelet.

Oh and there are quite a few silver plate beads in this piece.
The clasp is a toggle.

EDIT: This is no longer listed, it sold on July 21....I plan on making another although of course it can't be identical.  This would be a great funky bracelet for a bride -- it's "Something Blue" plus it's just so unusual. Please contact me TNBeader (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like a custom order. Thanks for your understanding!
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